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    July 12, 2013
    6:00 - 7:00am PDT  

it's been a busy morning at the site of last weekend's deadly crash at sfo. we will bring you the very latest as the plane is being taken off the runway. the search continues for a missing oakland girl. we speak exclusively with her mother and tell you why she is standing by her husband. temperatures cooled off yesterday. will that continue into the weekend or are there warmer weather on the way? a scandal at a bay area high school. the serious charges that has both parents and students on edge. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues.
good morning. thank you for waking up with us. friday, july 12th i'm pam cook. >> i'm brian flores in for dave clark today. let's get a quick check of electric and traffic. steve i'm looking forward to the weekend. what will it be like? >> yeah he wants to sleep in. >> to what 5:30? >> exactly. >> we have another big fog bank. it looks like what happened yesterday weather wise will carry into today. there is plenty of low clouds and west wind. temperatures inland have cooled off into the 80s. here is sal. good morning. traffic is looking pretty good. also this morning we are looking at the commute on the san mateo bridge and the bay bridge too. those bridges look good. let's go back to the desk. we begin with the developing story. the fuselage is being towed away. we've been watching it live.
claudine wong is right near sfo this morning with this very long awaited move. >> reporter: this is very significant. because again they can't get this runway open until they can get the wreckage cleared up. we've been keeping an eye on the situation from different advantage points around sfo. i want to give you a look at news chopper 2. news chopper 2 showing us the runway where that wreckage was. just a little bit ago we saw it start to move a little before 5:00 this morning. we can show you that video as it made its way down the runway. we know it's being taken to a hanger. again this fuselage will be used for different purposes. part of it will be kept by the ntsb for their continuing investigation. a lot of it needs to be cleared off so they can get the runway repairs done. now they started last night talking about this move.
i want to give you a closer look at the the wreckage. because the ntsb released a lot of pictures. they have been getting a lot of pictures over the last several days. when you talk about this crash and talk about how much damage it did to that bulk of that huge triple 7 then you get an idea of how much work is in front of them. however, the airport says their priority is to get runway 2-8 open. and when it's down it effects flights. about 100 a day in terms of cancellations and delays every day. so the timeline right now is to get that runway back open on sunday. this morning the priority was to get the wreckage off the runway. that has happened with the bulk of that wreckage now being gone. we are trying to get a closer look at it for you. live near sfo claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. >> you can go to our website as well for more coverage of flight 214. you will find sorries ranging
from the investigation to the personal stories of the victims. we've also posted new images of the crash scene there. time now 6:03. oakland police are searching for a missing toddler. katie utehs is live at martin lookouter king junior shoreline. we are also hearing from the mother of the missing girl. >> reporter: brian, police plan to pick up their search this morning. here at the shoreline. she tells us her daughter is sweet and probably wouldn't cry if someone grabbed her. she says it's a lot to process at this point. she is leaning on family, friends, and faith to stay strong as they search for her daughter. now kiana davis webb spoke exclusively to ktvu. >> it feels like a dream that you just can't wake up from. like this isn't really happening. you see it happen to other people but you never think it's going to happen to your child.
you never think somebody would take your child. >> reporter: webb hopes additional photos will spark someone's memory and result 234 her in her daughter being located safely. >> reporter: yesterday on child endangerment charges for allegedly leaving her in the suv with her elderly grandmother. webb told investigators someone took daphne while he was in the market. at this point there are no witnesses who saw anyone take the child but someone did see a woman carrying a child with a similar clothing description to daphnes. detectives are trying to figure out the last time someone saw daphne with her father. she doesn't believe her husband would hit their daughter. >> as far as kidnapping or doing something to her, that never crossed my mind. when i was told the story, of course i had my concerns.
i had my questions. >> reporter: police have not named webb as a suspect in the girl's disappearance but they are searching both his home and the park where he would take his daughter. we learned last night canine units picked up a scent at john webb's important. daphne niece mother spoke with investigators last night after she spoke with our reporters. [ inaudible ] >> it looks like we lost katie there. she'll have another live report coming up. it happened at about 10:30 last night. the chase ended with a crash in the area of 82nd avenue and na street. in this video you can see the suspects car overturn in the middle of the street. the suspect got his sam pinned beneath the car and he was taken to the hospital.
many san jose police officers are upset about a decision that denies them pay raises. they wanted a 10% raise after they took a ary pay cut two years ago. now they say they will get no pay restoration. that wasn't enough for at least one officer who is quitting. >> it's an emotional decision for me to have to come to this decision that have to go. and it comings down to my farm -- comes down to my family. >> mayor chuck reid said the city has lost good officers who resigned or retired. a federal sieve rights agency. is investigating -- the department of education's office says did not respond quickly enough to sexual
avirginia the ski public off come opinion and were subjected to harassment. a participant -- today the engate bridge district could approve a new parking fee at the ferry terminal. the plan could require fees up to $5 a day. the district says charging for parking could help cover the cost of maintaining the parking lot and might discourage some people from driving to the terminal. the district has talked about parking fees for now. sal any major problems or issues? >> no major problems or issues, brian and pam. we are looking at traffic getting busier. let's take off and take a so we might be in for some friday
night if it days this way. the road sensors on our maps show traffic looking pretty good as you drive through. there are no major problems by the way on the san mateo or on the dumbarton bridge. now let's go to steve. sal. >> yes, sir. >> i have good weather. there is no chance of a shark today. >> that is very important. i was wrestling with that july pattern. tropical clouds in southern california are still down there. it looks like a ban drifting
toward los angeles. just in case you had plans down there. i think it will be gone by the weekend. forus low clouds foggy and breezy. it looks like it will stay this way. a quiet pattern. morning fog clearing to the coast. sunny and breezy. temperatures are stuck. mid 50s here. take your pick. half-moon bay, sfo, san francisco all 55. concord is in there. san jose 53 with a little southeast breeze. fair field still showing a westerly wind at 23. that is the delta breeze. it makes it all the way at port chicago so you getting a little southerly breeze. 55 sal castaneda. can see a coo there. for us expect for the low clouds it's sunny and good to go. but temperatures have cooled down. i think they will stay here for
awhile. that means mainly 60s and 70s and now 80s inland. a few locations might be in the 90s such as clearlake and ukiah. most locations will stay there. slight warmup. not much. baring it all. coming up in ten minutes a look at a racy magazine. the nsa leaker is supposed to be meeting with human rights groups right now in russia. what edward snowden wants. new information surrounding the investigation of bankrupt solar company solyndra. how the founder could be dodging criminal charges.
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welcome back. it's now 6:13. the founder of solyndra will likely not face any criminal charges after the company received millions of dollars in federal loans. christian garnett founded the company in 2005 and was ceo until 2010. one year later the company went bankrupt. the fbi is looking into whether solyndra fully disclosed the company's financial situation when it filed for $500 million in loans. they also want to know if employees knew what was going on behind closed doors time 10:6:14. we want to go to live video
where mark is presenting his closing argument charges. >> track him down, shoot him in cold blood. no. he does what he was told to do. he calls nonemergency. not a big deal. not an emergency. but he did tell -- that very same house. >> zimmerman was the farmer neighborhood windchill fab the jury could deliberating sometime today. we shouldn't know his fate in the come -- we should know his fate in the coming days. yesterday the judge ruled the jury could also consider the lesser charge of manslaughter. we'll keep alabama an eye on that. bob is apologizing after being accused of sexual harassment. >> i have diminished the office
into which you elected me. i reached into my heart and soul and i must and will change my behavior. >> he made the apology after several female workers said they were harassed. he has been in office for less than a year and san diego's first democratic mayor in 20 years. we are following developing news out of russia. it's prompt demand that two officials are meeting with former nsa contractor edward snowden at the moscow airport. >> reporter: pam, snowden has turned to russian officials with the human rights watch and amnesty international. they are said to be in that meeting right now at the moscow international airport. snowden has been on the run for more than a month and sought asylum in more than 20 countries.
but now vice president joe biden and state department officials are telling them to back off or face diplomat fallout. snowden e-mailed several groups yesterday regarding yesterday's e-mails. in that e-mail snowden reportedly said he wants to make a brief statement and then discuss his next stop steps forward. he also accused u.s. officials of unlawfully denying him of his political asylum rights abroad. live in washington kyla campbell ktvu channel 2 news. new documents leaked by edward snowden indicate micro soft has collaborated to allow users communications to be intercepted. according to the guardian newspaper know snowden helped intercept e-mails. they also allowed the nsa
access to the cloud storage service called sky drive. my crop soft says it only provide -- micro soft says it only provided access when ordered by a court order. they released these pictures of the clothing the victim was wearing. they are dennison brown jeans. the body was found one week ago along maryland street. the death is being investigated as a possible homicidennen p it was discovered in a officers located three separate plots with 150 plants. anyone with information about the grow is asked to call authorities. there was another big pot bust
in lake county. the raid is the largest reported in lake county so far this year. gay activists are holding their first national blood drive today. to bring attention to the government's ban on blood donations from gay and bisexual men. as part of today's action gay men will be offering to donate their blood at blood centers across the country. today could be the day that the royal baby is born. the duchess of cambridge is due to give birth any time now. her first child of course with prince william for the past few days people have been camping out near st. mary's hospital in london where the royal baby will be born. when the baby is born the announcement will be made at birmingham palace. >> we will be keeping an eye on that and traffic as well. sal is doing that. where are we starting off? >> i'm looking at the toll plaza. i have a nice surprise for both of you. it's lighter than usual.
brian mentioned it earlier. we might have a friday light situation going on at the toll plaza westbound coming into san francisco. also the morning commute looks pretty good if you are driving on interstate 880 in oakland. and no major delays reported there. we're looking at the freeway. that same freeway. road sensors just a little farther down south. heading south. that looks good. 6:20 let's go to steve. thank you. a very happy friday. a lot of low clouds around. pretty good surge on that fog yesterday. really hasn't been much change coast and bay. san francisco. low clouds. looks like they were pewing off a little bit with a north wind. now they have come back in a big way. it's a typical july pattern.
not something we have said. we've had one extreme to another. past couple of weeks and months. we've got the rain and hot. got cool and hot again. now it looks like it will settle in here and be steady as she goes. any travel plans in southern california they are still dealing with that tropical moisture and there is a little bit of rain. yesterday there was a lot more. you can see things are still lighting up on radar. probably not all of that reaching the ground. kind of reach -- 50s on the temps. they are stuck opinion i don't think anything will change. kind of on the cooler pattern. cooler lows translated to cooler afternoon highs. with that fog in place we don't have to worry about any high clouds. another system is moving into the north. that will keep this pattern in place and really only subtle day today changes. i don't really see much change into the weekend. not even inland temps will warm up that much until early next week. even that doesn't look much. seven-ten days is really hoe
hum quiet. 80s for inland areas. these are low 80s for some. 70s around the bay. 60s near the coast. they have been a little on the cooler side. weekend, night morning fog. sunny, breezy. maybe a little warmer inland next week. burning a -- bringing a unique flavor to san francisco. [ inaudible ] >> i think it just makes you happy. how a message in a bottle is bringing comfort to a grieving mother. u
welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. it's now 6:24. super storm sandy has reunited a woman in new york. in 2002 when she was just ten years old, sidoni wrote a note, put it in a bottle and tossed it in the water off long island. she died after falling. >> it had a message in it. i read it. there was only a phone number
on it. >> and the man couldn't understand what i was saying. >> her mother says -- she now keeps the bottle in a glass case next to her desk. two san francisco 49ers are baring it all for a racy spread in espn the magazine. here's a look at some of the images we can show you of quarterback collin kaepernick. the steamy body issue was meant to showcase athlete's incredible physiques. also featured vernon davis and carrie walsh jennings. also today people in the bay area will get their first look at the newest ben and jerry ice cream flavor created by the city of san francisco. over the past month people in the city have been able to vote on their favorite ingredients through the city churn campaign. there are two ways you can taste the new flavor. tonight a truck will be parked
outside the chocolate on pier 7. and tomorrow you can try it from 9:00 a.m. until noon at ocean beach. time now 6:26. sal, there is always room for ice cream. i think you are right. let's take a look at the morning commute. if you are leaving soon in san jose it should be a good time to go. it should be a good commute into the silicon valley. sunol grade southbound traffic usually it's busy. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. plenty of low clouds out there. areas already getting the sun. temperatures yesterday kind of well cooled off inland. even on coast and bay came down a few degrees. i really don't see much change. it looks kids this upcoming school year. why dozens of parents in san jose decided -- [ inaudible ] also the opening bell is about to ring on wall street. we'll have the early stock
numbers. stay with us.
welcome back to the ktvu news. there is your opening bell
live. we are starting in record territory this morning. could be a little bit of profit taking going on. right now the futures looking like a lower opening. they were up all morning though. there are earnings coming in that were pretty good. we talked about jp morgan profit surge. also wells fargo in there. more earnings to come throughout the day. >> good morning, pam. >> good morning. >> thank you for joining us here on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. it's friday, july 12th i'm brian flores. dave clark has the morning off. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. >> we continue with developing news from sfo. the few sal lodge of 2 -- the fuselage of flight 214 is being towed away. >> we have an unbelievable first look at you. you will only see this on ktvu this morning. we have found where they have towed this plane. you can take a very close look
at the damage. up until now we have never been able to get close. they vice president allowed us out on the runway where this wreckage was sitting. we've been following it around the airport. we have tracked it down to this location. there you can see really kind of takes your breath away when you take a look at what is left of this triple 7 that has been sitting out on the runway for the past week. i want to pan over to show you one of the pieces of the plane that is also here in this location. the big heavy machinery. you take a look at what is left of this. you understand just a glimpse of what they were dealing with in terms of the passengers on this plane. and in terms of the cleanup. the focus right now is the cleanup and the repair of the runway. but to get all that done, this had to be the main portion of the work overnight was to clear that runway of this debris. now that they have done that, they will try to get everything back up and running.
sunday is their best estimate to make that happen. what they have to do now is check electrical. they are bringing in a thousand tons of concrete. this is where it just kind of slid along the runway. and actually this part of plane mostly intact because it was the back half of the plane that broke off when it hit the seawall. again we can show you exclusively con ktvu that the fuselage and the bulk of this plane is off the runway. they have taken parts of what -- asiana airlines will take it. it is here. live look here on ktvu. live at sfo claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. >> amazing view. great work. thank you. congressional delegation
nancy pelosi also toured the crash site. >> as emotional as it was for us to arrive and see it and carrying it in our hearts all week and seeing it in the news was that these people here on the ground chairwoman for one and the others the mayor and others. they had to deal with it minute by minute our first responders. >> the low makers say if it wasn't for the work of first responders the number of deaths and serious injuries would have been even higher. the ntsb says it could take months before reaching a final conclusion on what caused the crash. ntsb chair deborah hinted the focus is still on the pilots. investigators have found no mechanical issues. the flight data recorder says the engines controls and electronics were all working properly. some say it has created a wakeup call for aviation safety. coming up the new push in washington to close a legal loophole for foreign pilots. a man was rushed to the
hospital after being shot during an armed robbery in san francisco. shortly before midnight two suspects approached a man near the intersection of paris street and persia avenue. he was robbed and shot in the arm. police are looking for those suspects and nip with information is asked to call police. a san jose sex crimes detective has been arrested for the same crimes he investigates. prosecutors say 33-year-old tony fregger is charged with soliciting and receiving sexually explicit photos from an under age girl he met online. he worked for san jose police sex crimes unit for three years and responsible for investigating crimes involving minors. prosecutors say they knew the girl was under age when he requested the photos. time now 6:34. and happening right now hundreds of parents are camped out in san jose for school supplies. janine de la vega is there at sacred heart community service
with more on why they are in such high demand. there is even students out there as well. >> yes. i have seen babies and young kids. a lot of these people come from low income families. they are all here waiting to get free backpacks to sign up to register. you can check out the line snakes around the corner. there is probably about 130 people in line. they wanted to make sure they would be making the actual cut off because they will only give out about 2300 backpacks next month. if you look up here at this cable, this is what is needed. backpacks, scientific calculators, scissors, notebooks. all this stuff can total up to $60. if you're a single parent or just on a budget, that can be tough as you have two or three kids in your family. and just to talk about the need and if it's more this year compared to last year. you go -- what is the need this
year? >> reporter: you can see the need right now. there is a lot of families in line wanting to take care of their children. many of them living on very fixed incomes. a lot of which that money goes to rent. i talked to somebody that has about $300 left of more salary after paying her rent and she has children at home. we are glad to help after providing the kids with the tools they need this year. >> reporter: 2300 backpacks but i'm wondering how much do you have right now and how much more do you need? >> we have 100 backpacks upstairs. so we have a long way to go to be able to get all the backpacks we need. we'll see how many people actually come in line. we want to be able to help everybody that comes here today. >> reporter: registration starts at 9:30 a.m.. some people came at 11:30 last night to camp out. are you going to cut off people in line since registration from 9:30 to 4:30. you said last year more people
came. you didn't want to turn them away. >> we depend on the community coming together. the story last year we were ready to cut off the line and a doe far came in just at the time we thought we would have to cut the line so we could add in additional people. we hope to handle everybody that comes here today. because a lot of other agencies are not doing well. i think we will be felling you how to donate. an arrest has been made in a recent string of vandalism in san francisco's golden gate park. someone actually saw 65-year- old ken damaging a tree in the park yesterday. he's also accused of altering a park pass and feeding animals. but police say he is likely not responsible for the vandalism
of 200 young trees last year. another ground of graffiti cleanup is scheduled for san jose later this month. cal tran recently painted over several freeway signings along 101 and 280 but some have already been retagged. the cleanup is scheduled for the weekend of july 26th. time now is 6:38. boy, it seems like the traffic is moving smoothly. i don't want to jinx anything. sal, is that still the case? >> we have a couple problem spots. for the most part you are correct. southbound 101 in marin county we have an injury crash that is blocking lanes at marin city exit. it's blocking a couple of lanes. fortunately today traffic is a little lighter than usual. there is a backup coming down to southbound 101 through marin city. let's go to live pictures. bay bridge. better than it normally is. there is a small delay at the toll plaza. maybe five minutes before you pass the metering lights and you're off to the bridge with
no problems. if you are driving on 237 that is certainly better. it looks good getting into the valley. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sir. a lot of low clouds around. it looks like the biggest ban positioned in the north bay. we also have a westerly breeze in place. high pressure backed off and went to the middle of the country. as you know it's one extreme to another. and now things are selling in here for what we expect in july. night, morning fog. breezy and sunny and nice inland to warm. but not that warm. the tropical clouds continue to thin out and move off. but little piece is hanging back toward southern california. just looking at the observations most ever. everybody says cloudy. a little bit of light rain. just keep that in mind. it's got a little on the muggy side. . for us a system moved in
yesterday. oakland airport says 60. westerly breeze still on some of the higher elevations. also out to the delta. fairfield 23 due peek. south, southeast breeze toward the south bay. 40 in tahoe. 52 ukiah. we are cloud free expect for the low clouds because there is a big fog bank there. it peels back to the coast and temperatures 50s to 80s. i think we stay right in here for awhile. no sign of high pressure really building back in at all. it will stay in the middle of the country for awhile. just subtle changes day-to-day. growing concerns of another bart strike. >> we need to be prepared for the bloodiest, longest strike since the 1970s. we are live at oakland
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good morning. lots of low clouds and place. temperatures yesterday came down 60s and 70s and 80s. good morning everybody. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we are following right now. we have an up close look at the fuselage of flight 214. we took this exclusive video at sfo about ten minutes ago. the body of the plane was towed from the runway to a remote area of the airport. sf plans to reopen runway 2-8 left on sunday. there was trouble with the move this morning. smoke came from the fuselage about three hours ago. crews from the san francisco fire department were called out to put out the smoke. arbitrator rejected a request by san jose police officers for a pay raise. the police officers association would say the raise will make up for the voluntary pay cut. we should learn more in a few minutes for the search for an oakland toddler. oakland police are scheduled to hold a news conference at 7:00 a.m.. katie utehs is live at oakland police headquarters with what
the mother of the missing is saying. katie, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, brian. we do hope to learn more details about the case at that 7:00 a.m. scheduled press conference. however at this point we do know that john webb is in jail on child endangerment charges. at this point police have not said he's a suspect in the missing person's case. and as of last night, they still consider this a missing person's case. we did speak with daphne's mother. she is standing by her husband. >> some people asked me how come i'm not angry at him. that will not help bring daphne back >> reporter: she hopes additional photos will spark someone's memory. we do know the girl's father john webb reported her missing wednesday morning around 11:00 after he bought an energy drink. police arrested webb yesterday on those child endangerment charges for allegedly leaving
his 21-month-old in an suv with his elderly mother who suffers from dementia. police say webb told investigators someone took daphne while she was in the store. daphne's mother got the call from police shortly after 11:00 wednesday. >> i screamed through the phone. ran out of the door. i was hoping in the process in the two to three minutes it would have taken me to get to the police officers that maybe i didn't hear right. because the phone call that i initially got woke me up out of my sleep. >> reporter: as of last night police have not named webb as a suspect in the girl's disappearance. but they are searching both his home and park where he would take his daughter. canine units picked up a scent at john webb's apartment. that was on a trash can and pillow. what we do know is john webb is still in jail on the child endangerment charges. and his wife is standing by him
at this point. police last night called it a missing person's case. we'll be heading into opd headquarters to men tearily to bring you this press conference live. we'll have updates as soon as we get them from police. k co ktvu channel -- katie utehs ktvu channel 2 news. we are finding out more about a crash that killed a yoga teacher and his dog. he was walking his pit bull wednesday night when a truck veered off the road and hit him. the driver 33-year-old andrew was under the influence of drugs and had prescription painkillers and marijuana in his truck. >> i heard the crash. >> it was crazy. it was such a tragedy and the dog laying next to him. >> investigators say he was also driving with a suspended license.
the crash of flight 214 is a wakeup call to change current aviation laws. federal rules mandate that u.s. pilots be tested for alcohol drugs and following a crash. however, pilots of foreign licenses and crews are exempt. lawmakers are now examing which regulations and international agreements must be addressed to change the policy. each day more crash survivors are being released from the hospital. san francisco general has seven patients left. two children and five adults. three of the victims are listed in critical condition. stanford hospital has one crash victim. the person is in serious condition. if you missed our prime time special last night on the crash of flight 214, you can catch it again online right after mornings on 2 and at 3:00 this afternoon. just go to our website or use our ktvu mobile app
enyou can stream the program. sal is keeping an eye on traffic. it's been pretty good from what i understand. sal, has that changed? >> yeah. there are a couple things. southbound 101 at marin city we had that small white pickup truck that overturned. and traffic is a little bit slow approaching the marin city exit. it has been lighter than usual. let's take a look at the commute westbound bay bridge it is light. there is a little bit of a delay. the metering lights are on. if you are driving over to the san mateo bridge, that traffic looks good over to the foggy peninsula. now let's go to steve. thank you, sir. very happy friday. a lot of low clouds around. they lifted a couple days ago. they came way down. not anymore. they had a weak little low. element all the observations --
we do have a lot of low clouds and fog. temperatures in the 50s. i mean just everyone is consistent here. there is no doubt about it westerly breeze in place from the delta. that is making it all the way out to sal castaneda. we'll have to deal with night and morning fog. low clouds and fog and sunny and breezing. big fog bank out there. 60s to 90s. 81 livermore. oakland 68. alameda, berkeley 67. 80s morgan hill and gilroy. south san francisco and 70s on
the peninsula. palo alto menlo park 75. not much change in the weekend. inland temps might bump up a little bit. thank you, steve. the biggest u.s. mortgage lender reports second quarter profits surged 20%. wells fargo announced revenue hit 21.2 billion. the san francisco based bank says cost cutting helped boost profits. amazon getting into the comic book business. they will come under the name jet city. the first issue released on tuesday and new story lines will debut in of course. coming up could energy production actually trigger earthquakes. the study from uc santa cruise researchers that is causing a lot of controversy. see a movie about the tragic local event that made
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. i want to take you to the big board live in new york right now to check in on the dow. it's up 17 points. that is pretty good because the
futures were indicating a little bit of profit taking after the record day still in record territory for the dow and the s & p 500. critically acclaimed film about the shooting death of oscar grant opens in bay area movie theaters today. fruitvale station portrays grants final moments. after michael b jordan plays the lead role. the film was written and directed by rinking her-- by ryan coogler. ly be prepared for the bloodiest longest strike since the 1970s. if this kind of tactic continues. >> talks resumed yesterday for the first time since workers went on strike. putting a stop to service for several days. workers say the deal isn't reached when their contract expires next month. then they will go on strike again. >> it would be disastrous. and so at the end of the day when people say you know who's side are you on? i'm not on anybody's side. i'm on getting the trains
rolling. >> negotiations will continue today. both sides say their top priority is to reach an agreement but they remain far apart on pay raises and workers contribution. officials estimate that last week's strike cost the bay area $70 million in loss productivity. geothermal plants near southern california [ inaudible ] they found that when production at the plant rose, so did the number of earthquakes. the largest quake linked to the plants was a magnitude 5.1 but most were quite small. merit bakery in oakland is getting ready to reopen. the restaurant section of the building opens today. tomorrow the bakery opens. that bakery though has been in oakland for more than 60 years. >> good news there. coming up closely on 7:00.
sal keeping an eye on traffic. >> we are look agent the toll plaza. it has been lighter than usual. you can see traffic is backed up for about a five minute delay. interstate 880 in oakland looks good. as you drive south. i just got a tweet from someone that southbound 680 is also a mess after stone ridge heading south. let's go back to steve. >> sal, thank you, sir. yesterday's weather pretty much set the tone for today as we will have 60s and 70s and 80s. lots of low clouds there. it looks like that fog there is plenty to go around. we'll have more on mornings on 2. getting our first close up look at flight 214. a perspective you will only see here on ktvu. a news conference on the missing oakland toddler is about to get under way. we'll have live coverage.
. we're live at sfo with an exclusive first look at the wreckage of flight 214. it has now been pulled off the runway. we'll give you a close up look coming up. a news conference on a
missing oakland toddler is set to begin at any moment. we will have live coverage. we're live in san jose where hundreds of parents and children are in line waiting for a free give away. we'll tell you why it's so critical for them to get ha -- what they need. mornings on 2 starts now. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning everybody, it's friday july 12th. welcome to mornings on 2. i'm brian flores. >> i'm tori campbell.